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I am an avid Perl developer living in Queens New York, with lots of code to share. Perl is my language of choice for all my development work. JavaScript and jQuery are also really useful and I intend to develop my skills with these tools further. I have lots of experience writing SQL and completed an Oracle SQL certification.

Recently I have been working with the Perl Dancer2 MVC framework, HTML::FormHandler and Moose.

After a long absence, I want to return to full time Development, preferably working with Perl, JavaScript, SQl and any other programming tool that helps build useful stuff quickly and efficiently. I’m not an expert yet, but I am working my way to be as good as I can get. I am willing to learn from those who know what I don’t.

So, drop me a line if you think I could help you with your project(s), or if you just have helpful advice on improving my skills.

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