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Having spent many years in the New York City Moving and Storage industry,  many of my projects have been developed with specific emphasis on this. My most recent being a Moving Company Management System.
It is being developed using Perl, Catalyst, MySql, JQuery with Twitter Bootstrap to make it all look pretty.

Recent Projects

Ongoing Development
Moving Company Management System

Household Furniture Mover Travel Time Calculator
Create a Truck Travel Time calculator using HTML::FormHandler, Template::Toolkit, Dancer2 and the Google Travel Matrix API

My Perl Interface To The Google Distance Matrix API
Google Travel Matrix API Module

Repeatable Address Form with HTML::FormHandler
Mover Travel Matrix Form

MooseX Date Types
Date and Time types for my Mover project

Date Time Navigation
Date Time Navigation for my Mover project using Moose

Convert User Input To DateTime
Uses a Moose role to convert dates and/or times from any input format to a DateTime Object

My First Experiment with the Perl Moose OO System
Customer Update with DBD::DSV

Dancer2 Demo
Demo of Dancer2 with Template::Toolkit and Twitter Bootstrap

My Code

My GitHub Repositories

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